Ulysses Jewellery

Ulysses Fine Jewellery

Ulysses Jewellery has designed brilliant collections with meticulous attention to detail, inspired by the latest trends. More specifically, you can discover our unique collections below.

Solitaire Collection: The word “Solitaire” embeds the concept of a unique diamond as the dominant and principal element in the structure of a piece of jewelry. The Solitaire collection comprises pendants, bracelets, single-stone rings, and earrings, which are rounded off with a diamond on their top. The collection is defined by a variety of fashion trends, such as architectural minimalism, romanticism, lyricism, and classicism.

Fine Jewellery: Luxury, high aesthetics, and finesse. Ulysses collections of 18-carat gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones are created according to the highest construction standards of the world jewelry industry.

Macedonian Opal, the collection: It is a line of Ulysses Jewellery inspired by the Macedonian opal, which originates from the sedimentary rocky mountains of Macedonia. In ancient times, it was widely believed that the spirit of truth resided inside this stone, and that it could reveal the future to its current owner.